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Hello~! Just in case somebody drops by my profile and sees this (who would also want to read my latest update), I will not spoil it for you! So just scroll down and bit more, and you'll see~


Alright! So if you read it, then you must know that they broke up. And I also said that I'm going to be writing a sequel to the cliff-hanger I gave. I already began to write the new story. I would post it up already, but then it would take me so long to update (3-4 months has to be the longest time to update for 11 Real, 1 Fake). So, in favor of you guys, I'm going to write a couple chapters before I post up the actual story. I'll make 4, then when I post up one, I'll take a break. Post up the next, then write the next chapter. So when you guys are reading chapter 2, I'd be writing chapter 5! 

I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, so since I already started on the story, here's a preview of the new story! (I haven't decided on a name but here's the summary and story)

Summary: Natsu, still in love with the blonde even after so many years. The hope for her diminishing through the years with Kinana, he decided to go to the high school reunion one night, now 28 years old. Finding this girl, all he could think of were the memories, how happy they were. Messing up the night of the reunion, Natsu finds himself in a trance between the girl he once loved, and the girl who helped him through thick-and-thin. Sequel to 11 Real, 1 Fake. Rated T. (I might be re-writing the summary, btw)

Nooooooooooow, here's a preview of the story!



I heard her voice, the same exact cutesy voice that would squeal in excitement as she spoke. Turning around, I could see her sleek body, slim and skinny, with many curves that complimented her body perfectly. She looked amazing. I couldn't believe that she still possessed the beauty from high school, collage, and now. Of course, she looked different. Her face matured into a rose that was much more beautiful, she looked stunning but had her thorns, which was the dark side of her. That dark side was the side that broke my heart. Although I know she didn't mean to, I still can't help but have a love-hate feeling towards her. I hated myself for still loving her, even after all these years that I've been with Kinana. The feeling of love still reminiscing in my heart, it's still holding on to hope.

Staring into her milk-chocolate eyes, I noticed the differences throughout the years. She looked magnificent, so fragile that her heart could be easily broken by the bad boys. She wore a smile; a real grin compared to the last one I've seen. Her lips had a glossy, shiny feel to it – her lips were a bright pink that was spread throughout the figure of those luscious lips.

She wore a black dress. It landed to the ground, so I couldn't see her shoes. But it had an incision, a slit where you could see her tanned legs that wore beige heels. Still, with the heels on, she was still shorter than me, her height being one of the things that didn't change.

Anyways, the black dress she wore was an innocent one, like don't touch me, I'm scared, but at the same time, I love you, or I'm too sophisticated for you. To me, it was more of the mature and sophisticated look. It complimented her body; it was tight around her chest and hips, so the curves of her body were shown completely, along with some cleavage towards her chest – since the dress was a v-neck. The arms of the dress slithered down her shoulders, it was sorta loose, but then becomes tight on the way down.

After all these years, I still couldn't believe that I loved her. Not in love with her, but I love her. Personally, I feel that there's a difference between that. You could love somebody so much, but not be entirely in love with them. That's how I feel right now, and simply looking into her hazel eyes makes me feel that it's coming back.

know I shouldn't feel this way. Lusting after a girl, no woman, that hurt my heart, and broke excruciating pain to me. It inflicted me towards the summer of my second-year in college and some of my junior year. I could remember Kinana at home, watching TV, or doing computer research – she went back to college. I could hear her smile and sweet whispers that made me fall for her. But I'm not in love with her. These years that we've been together, I haven't felt a single feeling of being in love with her, but I still loved her. I'm probably not making sense, but to simply put it, I love her, but not in a "I wanna marry you" type of way.

"Hi!' She exclaimed enthusiastically, and leaned in for a hug. She grasped my neck, whilst she tightened her grip on my neck. I hugged her back faintly, embracing her for a quick second then pulling away as she held onto me. I felt her arms let me go as she fell back into her position, a delightful expression plastered all over her face. I partially waved at her, completely not that jubilant at all. "I missed you!"


So that's all I'm going to show, I wrote more but I think it'll just spoil it. 630 words is enough! Hopefully I'll be finished with a few more chapters soon! I hope to publish at least before/on my birthday, which is June 27th. If I have it by then, then it would be a birthday gift for me to you! Lol, what am I even saying..? But I hope it helps you guys with the ending that I put, I liked it, honestly. I was going to end it with them being together, but it gave me an easy intro to this story. 

BTWWW. I'm not asking, I'm only 'hinting'. I don't really have a title for this story, and I'm not so sure for a title... Soooooooooooo, I bet you guys would have some interesting ideas! Naah, I actually am asking. If anyone has a suggestion for a title (summary and preview is given, I think that would be good enough), please comment below so I could hear your thoughts! I'm not too big on titles, so if you guys think that I would like it, give it a try! (I'm not sure if I'm going to use your titles if I think of one, so there's no guarantee that I would actually actually use it, so please don't be disappointed if it's not your title! 

Anyways, I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you all for reading 11 Real, 1 Fake because I had fun writing it. Thanks everyone who read it! I really loved your support and reviews and literally everything! 

LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON SHIPPING NALUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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